Starfest 2003   April 25-27, 2003
Marriott Denver Tech Center
I-25 & Belleview, Denver CO
Starfest 2003 Guests
 John BillingsleyWalter KoenigRichard HerdJudson ScottManu Intiraymi - Icheb of Star Trek VoyagerChase MastersonLarry NemecekChristie GoldenDayton WardKevin DilmoreDave McDonnellJeff WalkerKevin Atkins
Michael Rosenbaum - John Billingsley - Stephanie Romanov - Walter Koenig - Richard Herd - Judson Scott - Patrick Kilpatrick - Manu Intiraymi - Richard Biggs - Chase Masterson Authors: Larry Nemecek - Christie Golden - Dayton Ward - Kevin Dilmore - Dave McDonnell Also: Jeff Walker - Kevin Atkins
Judson Scott
Science Fiction veteran - exercising his comic chops at Starfest 2003
Judson reports that his first love was the theater. To fulfill that love, he determined that he needed the best training possible and set his sights on attending the Julliard School, in New York City. He must have done well in school, because after graduating, he was asked to join the country's only professional touring reparatory company, The Acting Company. There he spent the next two years under the direction of John Houseman while performed across the United States.

Upon returning to New York, he appeared off and on Broadway, all the while continuing to hone his craft. Soon he began to dream of California and the chance of making movies and working on TV. He decided to time his move properly and after his last play on Broadway, with Al Pacino in Richard III, he packed-up and headed West.

Acting on his screen ambitions, Judson landed a starring role as Bennu, on a short-lived, but popular TV series titled The Phoenix. Thereafter, he co-starred with Lou Gossett Jr. in The Powers of Mathew Starr and made his most memorable Trek appearance as Khan's son, Joachim, in Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan. Not only did he get a featured role in the best Star Trek movie ever, but he got to play opposite Ricardo Montalban. The two entered into a friendship which is still alive and well today. Recently, when Ricardo received a lifetime achievement award, Judson was the presenter.

Following his star trek, Judson landed on Earth as Lt. James on the TV series V for two seasons. He then returned to Star Trek on The Next Generation as Sobi in the episode Symbiois and then appeared on Star Trek: Voyager as the Romulan commander Rekar in Message in a Bottle.

He has logged additional genre appearances as the Vampire Palantine in Blade with Wesley Snipes and on The X-files where he created the role of Absalom, an alien in human form who re-appeared throughout an entire season of the show. Currently, he has a recurring role on the TV series Charmed as the mighty demon NECRON.

Judson Scott will appear onstage on Friday evening in a special comedy performance and again for Q&A on Sunday. You'll also be able to meet him throughout the weekend in the Autograph Room.


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