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  April 16-18, 2004
Marriott Denver Tech Center
I-25 & Belleview, Denver CO
Starfest 2004 Confirmed Guests ...so far

 Dominic Keating of EnterpriseChristie GoldenDayton WardKevin DilmoreDave McDonnellJeff Walker
Actors: Sean Astin - Michael Shanks - Dominic Keating - Lance Henriksen - Gary Graham - Lani Tupu - Peter Mayhew - Richard Hatch - David Franklin - Matthew Helms Director: Roland Emmerich Authors: Christie Golden - Dayton Ward - Kevin Dilmore - Dave McDonnell Also: Walt Faulconer - Jeff Walker - Kevin Atkins

Starfest - Hollywood comes to Denver

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The day of the convention has finally arrived! We know there are thousands of people (including us) that have been waiting for this weekend for a long time. It's going to be great fun and quite an experience for both fans and the guests. There is lots of information here on the website. Just use the navigation bar under the convention logo to get to it.

The online ticketing at this site has now been disabled, we'd prefer that you just come to the convention or go to one of our many tickets outlets to get your membership today. We won't be in the office to process your order - we are at the hotel setting things up.

If this is your first convention, you are in for a real treat. To those that come every year, it's still just like riding a rollercoaster - always a thrill and full of twists and turns. Make your way over to the Marriott DTC and picture yourself going up that first big incline to the top of your favorite coaster, when you arrive at the hotel you'll experience that first moment of weightlessness when you turn off your car and all you hear are the voices of the other riders as you walk into the convention center you'll be anticipating that thrilling first drop into a weekend of entertainment thrills and excitement. Just make sure you hold on tight and enjoy the show!

A quick note for anyone that has ordered tickets, and not received them or got the wrong tickets in the mail (we're still working with humans around here) - please don't panic. Just bring a copy of your order confirmation with you to the "Will Call" desk at Convention Registration. We'll get everything straightened out.

Attending Starfest is your chance to meet with the people that create movies, television shows, comics, books... just about every form of popular entertainment. You'll be able to to talk to the actors, writers and producers face-to-face and ask them questions yourself.

There are hundreds of different activities, panels and events throughout the weekend. Starfest is very much a participation event. You'll learn how to do things you never dreamed of. The convention is a multi-track show - think of a three ring circus on steroids - for every event you choose to attend, you'll be missing several others. It's not like an auto show where you can see everything in an hour or two, plan to spend the whole day - or better yet - the whole weekend. Most guest appearances and events take place only once during the convention so make sure you study the schedule carefully so you don't miss something or somebody you really want to see.

Lots of people rent rooms at the convention hotel and spend the whole weekend having parties and fun. Some come in costume as their favorite TV and movie characters and there are always friendly folks like the Klingons ready to show you how to have a good time.

All the major film studios will be making presentations at Starfest this year. You'll see footage and stars from all the big summer movies on the Main Events Stage. The studios don't come empty handed either, we'll be giving away lots of movie posters, shirts, hats, pins and paraphernalia throughout the weekend.

Are you a fan of a particular film genre like Science Fiction, Horror, Anime, British TV, or Action Adventure? Then Starfest has some special programming just for you. We have panels, video, games and fun to suit your particular tastes and satiate your appetite. Several producers are bringing unaired TV pilots to show this year and we also have lots of Denver premiere productions in our Amateur Film Festival.

Looking for some unusual collectibles that you just can't find? They will probably be in the Dealer's Room. Vendors from all over North America converge at Starfest to show their wares and entice you to buy items both rare and collectible.

Would you like to find friends that are into the same stuff as you are? All the major fan clubs and organizations will have representatives trying to recruit you into their activities. Who knows? Maybe you are a closet Klingon and you don't even know it! There are special trivia contests and games designed for everyone from the passive viewer to the fanatic fan that thinks they know everything about their favorite show.

That's just a taste of what you can expect at Starfest. Please click on the links at the top or bottom of this page for more specific details on the different aspects of the show. The bottom line is that the convention is fun. Everyone is there to have a good time and socialize. If you've never been to a Starfest, we've been having them here in Denver for 28 years, it really is time for you to come. Click here to get tickets.

Interested in a little history? Click here to view some of the stuff that took place at some of our past conventions.



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