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Denver is Stepping Up

This year the Starfest Entertainment Festival has busted out and added a second hotel dedicated almost entirely to ComicFest. Three days of full-fledged full-on comic book Panels, Pros and Fans. All under the same roof. It's an event for and by comic book enthusiasts. You'll be able to meet face to face and via live feeds with dozens of comic book creators and get immersed in the latest information and developments from around the sequential art world and beyond.

It's About Fun

Comicfest is Denver's annual celebration of the comic book industry!  In it's first year Comicfest is looking to become an event to remember for fans in the Rocky Mountain Region with the goal of bringing a greater awareness of the comic book medium, its talent and publishers. What we have been surprised to learn is just how many talented creators both writers and artists that we have living right here in the region and we are working to create a unique convention experience that would allow for all of these very talented people to network as well as the opportunity for them to meet there fans.

It's Educational
Comicfest will also serve as an annual venue of Comics Education in a variety of ways. First it will be an opportunity for aspiring local creators to have there work reviewed by artist Armando Durruthy.  Armando has worked for DC, Marvel, Wildstorm, and many other publishers, and along with this Portfollio review (to reserve your spot please email us at, Armando will also conduct a How to Break into Comics Panel that will highlight the hows and the whys of moving your work to the next level.  An annual Denver tradition will be a How I Create Comics panel.  One of our featured guests each year will discuss there process for creating a story. This will be an opportunity to learn from industry leaders on how they create the stories that we enjoy.  Other panels will include sequential storytelling, webcomic creation and design, and creating dynamic faces.  We'll be adding more of these each year.

It's About Finding Things
Don't worry if drawing stick figures is the extent of your artistic talent, because Comicfest will provide an outlet for what you enjoy about Comics as well.  If you are looking for that special back issue or tradepaper back you'll have the chance to search it out at one of our dealer tables.  There will also be collection supplies available as well so don't miss out on any of these items from all of our fine retailers.

High Tech Conferencing
  We'll also be featuring teleconference panels with some high profile creators at Marvel and DC, and this will be Denver's chance to participate in DC Nation and Marvel Mondo style panels without traveling to San Diego, Chicago, or New York to do so.  2009 will also feature panels discussing DMZ, Northlanders, Madame Xanadu, Greatest American Hero, Nexus, and many others.  There will be plenty of fun surprises throughout the weekend so check back often.

It's About Art
There will be a chance to get sketches of some of your favorite Comic book characters from the area's most talented comic book artists.  Our artists have a wide variety of styles and as a whole have worked for virtually every major publisher so you're sure to find someone that can create that image that you've been waiting to display.  Schedules will vary so you'll have to check with the artists throughout the weekend so you won't miss out on any of these great talents.

It's About The Future
There are other exciting features that we are hard at work on to make this a convention that fans from the Rocky Mountain Region and beyond are sure to enjoy, and we'll give more information on these as it develops.