Suspended Animation Suspended Animation
by Michael Vance & Jon Suter

    May 8, 1998

    How many lawyers does it take to write thousands of comic books and hundreds of novels?

    Garnder F. Fox.

    How many literary masterpieces did Gardner Fox write?


    He was hired at the birth of an artform that was more concerned with volume and sales than with quality. He gave DC volume and sales and a pantheon of super and genre heroes and villains almost unsurpassed by any other comic book writer or artist.

    He and artist Jack Kirby are cornerstones of the Golden Age of Comics. With a handful of artists, he laid the foundation of the Silver Age of Comics. He also created the concept of a superteam of characters which remains a pivotal event in the history of comics.

    But was he an outstanding writer like Will Eisner, Harvey Kurtzman, or Walt Kelly, or just a common hack?

    Gardner F. Fox was both. Plot centered and weak in characterization, he was also certainly entertaining.

    The bulk of Fox's work in comic books was published by DC and includes characters Steve Malone, Zatara, Steve Saunders, Three Aces, Starman, Sandman, Batman, Radio Squad, Capt. X. Dr. Fate, Flash, Hawkman, King, Cliff Cornwall, Gay Ghost, Justice Society, Pep Morgan, Spectre, Vigilante, Shining Knight.

    For DC, he also wrote Cotton Carver, Wyoming Kid, Super Chief, Trigger Twins, Johnny Thunder, Space Ranger, Space Museum, Justice League, Flash, Adam Strange, Green Lantern. Hawkman, Atom, Spectre, Dr. Fate-Hourman, Starman-Black Canary, and Elongated Man.

    In addition, he penned Skyman (Columbia), Ghost Rider (ME), Crom the Barbarian (Avon) and Dr. Strange (Marvel). He wrote horror for Warren and Skywald. This list is not all inclusive.

    He also wrote short stories for many pulp magazines and more than one hundred novels.

    The work of Gardner Fox is highly recommended for the young at heart.

    Published over many years, some titles may be difficult to locate. A price guide or comics dealer will help. Comic book shops, mail order companies, trade journals and comics conventions are best sources. Prices vary widely; shop around.


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