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three fingers

      Life is brutal on the mean streets of Toon Town located just on the wrong side of the tracks in Hollywood, California. If you don't believe that, just ask Rickey Rat, Carhorn Arm-whistle, Portly Pig or Dapper Duck. Sure,  Dizzy Walters came up the hard way too, but that doesn't excuse…I'm getting ahead of myself.

      It all began at the dawn of the 20th century with the invention of films, particularly animation. You know. Moving cartoons.  It ended in booze, drugs, sordid triangles and cross-species affairs… and the scandal. Yeah, that stinkin' paper documentary, three fingers, changes names and faces, but we all know who was involved. Comic book?  You

call that...that thing a comic book?

      Yeah, great art--all those cool ink washes and scratchy lines and clever, 'historical' faux-photographs--original premise for comic books, funny, funny ha ha stuff. And those interviews with washed-up, bitter, old Animation stars. They were second bananas, every one, compared to Rickey Rat.

      "'Course they couldn't compete with Rickey! That rat, ya hear me, that lil' *%@#! had charisma!  Why, the first time I met him back in...back in '32 was at a human bar in New Yawk City the 'Babe' used ta frequent.  But it wuz Rickey ya hear me. Rickey that squeaky voiced lil' *@&#$! who had the crowds goin'!  Humans love that little *$@&%!" Carhorn Armwhistle.

      Who knew that when directors shouted "cut!"....  But Mick, er, Ricky Rat never existed. Revisionist history, you say. Snappy. Witty. Pithy. But pure fiction. There were no Senate hearings. No whistleblower. Toon Town never existed before the movie Who Framed Roger Rabbit, either, did it?  Well?

      Did it?! DID IT!!!

      three fingers is highly recommended for adults.

      three fingers/134 pgs. & $14.95 from Top Shelf Productions/by Rich Koslowski/sold in comics and book stores or at www.topshelfcomix.com.

       Review by Michael Vance


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